Skateboard decathlon

Embrace your inner skater with our range of skateboards and waveboards. Plastic boards are a good place to start for kids, but skateboard aficionados will want a sleek wooden design that either comes with a cool graphic or can be customised. Detská obuv na skateboard Crush Beginner čierno-zelená OXELO.

Nízka obuv Vulca Canvas na skateboard a longboard čierna OXELO. Pánska nízka obuv Vulca Canvas Bi na skateboard a longboard čierna.

Decks, trucks e ruote di ricambio disponibili. Bought this board for my son who is just starting out. He is practicing a lot of tricks and needed a tough, relatively cheap board to get him started. This skateboard has lasted very well and been put through some severe punishment.

Apart from a lot of scratches and dents, this board has taken the punishment well. Play Inline Skating Skateboarding Scootering and Cycling Helmet – Blue OXELO. Junior Plastic Skateboard – Blue OXELO. Fit Adult Inline Skating Skateboarding Scootering Protectors .

Scopri gli skateboard Yamba di Oxelo, stabili e scattanti, ideati per gli spostamenti urbani e il cruising. So you know how to ride? This product is available in BLEU, VERT and in.

Welcome to Decathlon Hong Kong! Enjoy the lowest price with the best quality! Enjoy 3days return policy and years product guarantee on all passion brands. From years old or over 1. All of our skateboards are tested in the lab. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear.

Patch up your skateboard with some new wheels, a new truck, or replace the grip as you need. The result is a teste . These tests ensure that the decks meet all European standards for skateboard decks and tests for wear. All our decks are tested in the laboratory.

These laboratory tests are complemented by field tests, some measure others relying on user perception, to put the product through the most stringent tests. Designed for longboard or cruiser skateboards. Comfortable and stable longboard wheels for touring and cruising.

Set of wheels for longboards or cruisers that provide comfort and stability.