Hlavné rozdiely v skratke. Bočné steny loggie sú betónové. Lodžia (tal. loggia ) je horizontálna previsnutá nosná konštrukcia.

Ide o otvorený priestor, po oboch stranách má plné nosné steny, na ktoré sa ukladajú stropné dosky podľa polohy, vzhľadom na líce. Priečelia objektu sú zapustené, polozapustené alebo predsadené, podľa materiálu oceľobetónové, montované a. A loggia is an architectural feature which is a covered exterior gallery or corridor usually on an upper level, or sometimes ground level.

The outer wall is open to the elements, usually supported by a series of columns or arches. Loggias can be located either on the front or side of a building and are not meant for entrance but . Význam slova „ loggia “ v Slovníku slovenského jazyka. Význam a typické výrazy slova „ loggia “ v Slovníku slovenského jazyka. Mali ste na mysli slovo logia?

Naposledy hľadané výrazy. Официальное представительство компании LOGGIA в России. Интернет- магазин высококачественных отделочных материалов из Италии – венецианская штукатурка, декоративные покрытия, напольные покрытия и разнообразие эффектов.

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As to Ihe meeting, since it was a matter of luck, I will merely thank fate. The Oxford Dictionaries describe the word loggia as a gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden. Also, an open-sided extension to a house. Define loggia : a roofed open gallery especially at an upper story overlooking an open court.

Die Loggia und der Balkon sind beides Wohnraumerweiterungen. Aber es wichtige Unterschiede bei der Bauweise von Loggia und Balkon. The Loggia is a detached house included in the estate of the Castle of Meleto.

Do you want to book it for your holidays in Chianti? Loggia definition, a gallery or arcade open to the air on at least one side. Definition of loggia – a gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden.

Upper Loggia , erstwhile known as the West Garden Loggia , lies between the Banquet Hall and the Ashok Hall, overlooking the Grand Staircase on one side and the Mughal Gardens on the other. This room is used mostly as a space to serve tea and refreshments after functions that are hosted in the Durbar Hall. If you are looking for a small, romantic and comfortable BB, Residenza La Loggia is definitely the right choice for refined accommodation in Venice. Loggia , Berlin: See unbiased reviews of Loggia , rated 3. Find out more about Loggia Conservatories at Clearview.

Als Loggia (aus dem Italienischen) wird in der Architektur ein Raum in einem Gebäude bezeichnet, der sich mittels Bögen oder anderer Konstruktionen zum Außenraum öffnet. Auf der Erdgeschossebene schaffen Loggien einen Übergangsbereich zwischen Außen- und Innenraum, im Obergeschoss werden sie als . Our custom upholstery, home furnishings and décor bring elegance to your home and garden. Sophisticated collections of fine apparel, jewelry, shoes and handbags enhance your personal style.

Our distinctive table top and gift ideas make every occasion special. At both Loggia Home and Garden . Latin for outdoor room, the Loggia is a respite for visitors who want to get out of the elements. It blends with the outdoor landscape and provides a number of angled views of the valley and lake below. This splendid Renaissance palace, with its magnificent porch, is neo-classical in design and was built in the second half of the 15th century. It was supposed to be the meeting-place of the town council, and is now the seat of the Provincial Administration.

Villa La Loggia , Collodi – Rezervujte so zárukou najlepšej ceny! La Loggia is a holiday villa in Sicily located on a hill and boasting the most spectacular views of the picturesque town of Caltagirone.